Teens shovel neighbor’s driveway at 4:30am so she could make it to her dialysis

February 22, 2020 Stories


Even though Patrick and his friends were supposed to go to school the next morning, they did not think twice and immediately started planning the shovelling action. Since Natalie is doing the dialysis in the mornings, their plan was to clean the driveway early in the morning, before school. That early time was 4:30 am!

Patrick and his friends gathered up in front of the house and started shovelling. By the time the sun was up, Natalie’s driveway was accessible and she was able to do her dialysis. The boys were pleased to help the lady, even though that left them without sleep. Luckily they had 2 more hours before school and they all got some rest.

These acts of compassion, help and good-doing are what we need. The terrible winter that we had had was very difficult for all of us. Imagine how people with long-term illness felt. They were scared that they will be stuck in their houses without the help they need on a regular basis. Luckily, there are people like these New Jersey boys that will do no matter what just to help the people. Bravo boys!

Their father posted some photos of the boys that night. The comments and reactions of the people are wonderful. This ‘heroic action’ was the thing that people needed in that difficult winter period.Think your friends would be interested? Share this story![source]

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